The 'Capital as a Force for Good, Capitalism for a Sustainable Future' Report 2021 examines the initiatives and commitment of the world's leading financial institutions. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) face a financing gap that has soared to up to US$100 trillion in the wake of COVID-19 and other urgent global challenges. Additional annual funding worth roughly a tenth of global economic output will be needed every year to meet the SDGs by the deadline of 2030. Finance industry leaders have significantly increased their engagement in this regard, committing a record US$9.5 trillion in sustainable financing to 2030. Closing such a gap will require a global multi-stakeholder effort and a new consensus to be reached on how that can be achieved as a matter of urgency.

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Force for Good speaks to Faheen Allibhoy, head of the JP Morgan Development Finance Institution, on the bank’s growing ambition in sustainable finance


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Drivers of Capital as a Force for Good

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We have selected a number of focus initiatives that lie at the intersection of SDGs that are underserved, have the potential to have a magnified impact on the other SDGs, where scalable solutions exist and where a significant impact could be made to a major issue

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