The recently concluded COP27 climate summit in Egypt has achieved a fundamental breakthrough with a historic agreement for richer nations to provide financial help to poor countries suffering from the impact of climate change, but failed to reach a deal on greater cuts to greenhouse gas emissions and defined the transition away from fossil fuel use.

Loss and Damage Funding Agreed

COP27 has produced an agreement to address loss and damage for the climate impacts suffered by poor nations.

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50 Countries Join Global Methane Pledge

More than 150 countries have signed up to a global pact to reduce methane emissions, around 50 more than when the initiative was launched last year

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1.5c Goal Reaffirmed…But No Concrete Steps Agreed

G20 nations have agreed to continue efforts to limit temperature rise to 1.5C, but have failed to agreed further emission reduction targets.

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Carbon Market Rules Negotiations Continue

Talks to establish carbon offset markets to allow countries to buy credits to partly achieve their climate pledges have dragged on beyond COP27, potentially into next year

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Calls to Reform Global Financial Architecture

Proposals to align the global financial architecture with climate goals by amending the mandates of multilateral institutions to drive climate finance

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Brazil and Allies Launch Rainforest Preservation Partnership

Brazil joined Indonesia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, together home to over half the world’s rainforests, in launching a partnership to cooperate on forest preservation.

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COP27 News

> President Biden Announces New Initiatives at COP27 to Strengthen U.S. Leadership in Tackling Climate Change

> Kerry Wants World Bank Plan by April to Increase Their Climate Financing to Leverage Trillions in Capital From Private Sector

> US-China Climate Cooperation Could Re-energise COP27 Negotiations

> India Announces Long-Term Low-Carbon Development Strategy

> EU and Four Member States to Provide More Than €1 Billion for Climate Adaptation in Africa

> European Union Raises its Target for Cutting Greenhouse Gas Emissions Africa

> Ukraine Wants the Whole World to hold Russia Responsible for the Environmental Damages of War Africa

> Brazil’s Lula da Silva Pledges to End Deforestation in the Amazon After Election Victory

> Global South Will Need Almost €2 Trillion a Year by 2030 to Finance Climate Action

> Finance Giants That Pledged to Reach Net Zero Still Investing US$8.5 Billion in Companies Causing Deforestation

> Architects of Paris Agreement Call for Similar Deal to Protect Nature

> Activists Slam World Leaders Backing Fossil Fuel Projects

> Fossil Fuel Lobbyists Outnumber Almost Every National Delegation

> Climate Campaigners Protest at COP27 Despite Restrictive Rules

> New Climate Insurance Fund Launched at COP27 For Nations Hit By Worsening Disasters

> A New Ranking Tracking How Well Countries Are Doing in Addressing Climate Change Released at COP27

> Emissions are Three Times Higher Than Fossil Fuel Producers Claim, Report Released at COP27 Reveals

> Island Nations Call for a Windfall Tax on Fossil Fuel Profits

> UN Experts Demand Crackdown on Greenwashing of Net Zero Pledges

> Climate Compensation is on the Agenda for the First Time Ever