The World Academy of Art and Science

General Assembly, 2024

The opening plenary for the General Assembly encompassed a broad range of topics including the factors underlying the current global situation, the deep drivers and evolutionary forces compelling the global community to need to change its course, the identification of untapped opportunities, potential levers for effective action, and insights derived from recent world events. Key discussion questions focused on identifying the principal unanswered questions that need addressing to advance global civilization during this turbulent period, the fundamental issues that must be resolved to find effective solutions, the role of global organizations in tackling these challenges and the role of WAAS in this important time.

Opening Plenary Session
Title: Opening Plenary Session Date: May 15, 2024
Garry JACOBS, President & CEO, World Academy of Art & Science
María ESPINOSA, President of the 73rd Session of the UNGA; FWAAS
Gustavo MERINO, Director for Social Policies, UNESCO
Ketan PATEL, Chair, Force for Good; Trustee, WAAS
Fran GRIFFITHS, Culture change, leadership, team & talent management expert More