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On Impact Investing:

Anjalee Tarapore, General Manager & Business Responsibility Officer, HDFC limited, speaks to Force for Good on how the business of providing housing at scale in India is a high social impact endeavour

“We have had 45 years in the housing finance industry … we believe that our core business itself fulfils a huge social objective

At HDFC, sustainability does not sit outside in a separate bucket, it is core and embedded in every core function in the organisation

Some estimates put the housing shortfall in India at 40 million units

… so we look at sustainability or ESG as nothing but a simple narrative of what we do each day at HDFC”

Anjalee Tarapore
General Manager & Business Responsibility Officer, HDFC Limited

Speaks on:

  • HDFC’s approach to sustainability being fully embedded in the business

  • The role of India’s public digital network in inclusion and creating the success factors for high performance

  • The importance of regulation in helping to drive standards

  • How HDFC takes an ‘ecosystem’ approach

  • Inclusion of low income, women, first time nuyers, rural populations

...and much more

Brief Profile:

Anjalee Tarapore is Senior General Manager at HDFC Limited. Anjalee is also the Business Responsibility Officer of HDFC.

Anjalee has been with the Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC) since 1997. She is a Senior General Manager, with leadership responsibilities for Investor Relations and Management Services.

Her work involves macro-economic analysis and applying experience and analytics on housing finance and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues. Anjalee has assisted high level committees constituted by the Government of India on affordable housing and infrastructure finance. She is a member of the Confederation of Indian Industry National Council on Corporate Governance and its sub-group on ESG.

HDFC is a leading provider of Housing Finance in India. HDFC’s primary objective is to enhance the residential housing stock in the country through the provision of Housing Finance in a systematic and professional manner, and to promote home ownership. The aim is to increase the flow of resources to the housing sector by integrating the housing finance sector with the overall domestic financial markets. HDFC pioneered Housing Finance in 1977. It believes it is a model private Housing Finance Company for developing countries with nascent Housing Finance markets. HDFC has undertaken several consultancy assignments in housing finance in various countries across Asia, Africa and East Europe. HDFC’s core values are trust, integrity, transparency and professional service.

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