7th World Investment Forum 2021

The UNCTAD World Investment Forum is the pre-eminent global platform for investment and development. The Forum devises strategies and solutions for global investment and development challenges. It facilitates multi-stakeholder collective action to stimulate investment in development. This year’s World Investment Forum, the seventh edition, will discuss investing in sustainable recovery.

Force for Good was organised and moderated three sessions during the forum, hosting a series of panel discussions with global finance industry and other leaders on the role of private sector capital in funding the world’s transition to a sustainable digital era.

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A New Capitalism from Japanese and Global Perspectives Webinar: Co-hosted by Force for Good and the Government of Japan.

Sustainability is a megatrend of our times which is set to split the world into countries, industries and companies that are aligned on the direction of change, rise to lead that change and those that do not adapt. This important session considers the profound nature of the change and the implications for leaders, drawing on latest engagements with successful institutions that are managing this transition.

Force for Good and the Government of Japan are co-hosting a webinar to explore these topics and Japan's critical role as a change agent in the shift to a more sustainable world.

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Leaders on Purpose, 2021 CEO Summit

The Fourth Annual Leaders on Purpose CEO Summit brings together the world’s top thought leaders, business visionaries, multilateral leaders, academics and CEOs, accelerating a new kind of leadership at the forefront of the new business logic, integrating purpose and profit. This year's Leaders on Purpose summit will focus on creating a shared vision as we look at building better for the future we all want.

Force for Good led the summit's Capital Markets & Sustainable Finance session, which focused on the global multi-stakeholder effort required to fund the world's urgent challenges, bringing together asset owners, financial services, technology, governments and multi-lateral institutions.

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Global Leadership for the 21st Century

GL-21, a joint project of United Nations Office in Geneva and the World Academy of Art & Science, is a transdisciplinary, multisectoral, multistakeholder initiative to address the leadership vacuum preventing effective progress on pressing global challenges, identifying catalytic strategies and initiatives that can be taken to accelerate global and national progress.

Force for Good participated in the event session “Leadership for financing implementation of the SDGs” leading a panel of experts from the private sector, multi-lateral development banks, academia and the United Nations.

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