'I love this planet' is an initiative of Force for Good, which is supportive of the mobilisation of the deployment of capital as a force for good in the world at a time of profound and multi-dimensional change in the world.

The Capital as a Force for Good initiative analyses and engages the world's leading financial institutions and other stakeholders with a view to influencing and impacting sustainable development through the deployment of capital and solutions that address the world's greatest issues and build a better future.

However, two thirds of the world's money begins with the individual, and much of in some way requires the cooperation of the individual as it flows through the world. The individual is of course a potentially powerful 'Force for Good', and collectively is the most powerful force for good in the world.

The individual is a powerful and growing force that can make the world better and facilitate change for good in every aspect of life, empowered by technology, and create new opportunities to address everyday issues and the world's biggest issues too.

The individual as consumer is the powerhouse of industry. Consumption represents over 70% of annual global output, nearly 80% of which is in the hands of individuals. Their US$49 trillion of annual spending is equal to nearly 15% of the world’s total stock of total net liquid assets and represents a critical flow in funding systemic change, while recognizing that the level of discretion available on a given dollar of consumption will vary.

The individual is a digital empowered force. With 4.0 billion unique social media users, over half the world’s population is reached by social media. The individual is already using this to change the status quo in politics and society at large, and that force will become potent as it addresses business in all aspects of its activities.

The individual is a growing force in the flow of finance. Nearly 70% of the world's population today is not fully financially included today. Digital technology is systematically growing to reach these population as both investors and consumers. Finance and technology are converging to provide solutions that can bring people, that were previously not considered to be credit-worthy, as active participants in the financial system.

The individual is a force for global transformative change. Networked, connected, and mobilized the world’s people, poor and rich, have significant potential to disrupt the status quo socially, economically, and politically as voters, protesters, migrants or as revolutionaries if ignored and left out. And if nurtured, the individual can become a new and vibrant class of consumer, investor, and participant in the world system.

'I love this planet' is a campaign designed to empower each of us as individuals and groups to do good.

'I love this planet' aims to empower the individual and the collective power of the individual by encouraging people to make a commitment to being a force for good, and then acting on this, showcasing their initiatives no matter how big or small, to make a difference in the world for good.

In a time of so many threats, and a seemingly constant stream of bad news and negative social media, focused on issues ranging from the very personal losses inflicted by the pandemic to political and social divisions in so many countries to the existential threat to the planet from climate change, it is easy to feel disempowered.

However, these issues cannot be addressed by any one individual or group, but together a powerful change can be made.

We would very much like you to join the 'I love this planet' campaign and add your commitment and initiatives and ideas too. Ask your family, friends and organisations do so too as individuals and groups.

The 'I love this planet' campaign is simple, it asks each of you, as an individual, and as a collective group of family, friends, charity, company, country if you wish, to make a video commitment to do everything in your power to be a force for good, and to post what you are doing. The words are set to encourage a common commitment.

The actions:

  • 1. Power of One. Join the campaign as an individual by making the commitment.

  • 2. Power Together. Join the campaign as a group of your choosing.

  • 3. Magnifier. Encourage others you know to do the same.

  • 4. One as a Force for Good. Post your micro ‘ad’ for how you are doing good here too as an individual.

  • 5. Many as a Force for Good. Post your micro ‘ad’ for how you are doing good here too as a group.

  • 6. Sponsor and engage. Make a special request to our team to post more than the 'micro ad' so you can describe what you are doing to make the world better and engage our team to see if we can support that.

Each individual as a force for good, is an agent for positive change and a catalyst for others. The collective impact is critical to the work of governments, transnational organisations and organisations to make the world better. Indeed, the empowered and positive individual may be the determining factor in a world that is rapidly moving to 10 billion people that is real time connected by technology and empowered by freedom.

The campaign seeks and will enlist partners and sponsors from all stakeholder groups with ideas, initiatives, technologies and capital to empower this change.

The I love this planet campaign begins with a platform to share and will gradually expand to provide technologies that facilitate collaboration across boundaries, initiatives for participation and events to convene and exchange. It will do this with partner groups rather than invent anew.

The endeavour recognises that issues cannot be addressed, opportunity cannot be unlocked, and capital cannot flow without a positive collective individual that has peace, prosperity and freedom.

"I love this planet
and commit to doing everything in my power
as a force for good
to make the world better for all of us"

at  https://www.ilovethisplanet.org